Affiliate Marketing Product Promotion – PPC, Article Marketing and Social Posting, Which is Best?

The best way to do affiliate marketing product promotion is still controversial. There is direct advertising like pay per click (PPC), article marketing that takes a lot of work, or social posting which is the electronic version of word of mouth advertising.

The newest is the social posting. This is done in conjunction with article marketing, to a point. The first thing to do is to post an article on your website. Then a worksheet in Word with 4 simple things must be made. The 4 things are the title, the URL, a brief description of the article, and tags or minor keywords separated by commas. Once this is done, you are ready to go to the social network. There are over 78 different social posting networks that allow and encourage people to share what they have found on the internet. After becoming a member to at least 20 of them, you start posting your article. The link will send those interested in your article to your website where you are promoting the product.

Article marketing starts out the same as social posting by having an article posted on your website. Then that same article is submitted to several of the different article directories. This way, if some other website owner decides to use your article, there is a link back to your site. The best time to make a submission is at the end of the week. Most article directories only approve postings during the week, so the last ones approved will be on their most recent list on the front page all weekend.

Then there is PPC which requires money. By paying for an ad for certain keywords, your site has a chance of getting noticed and clicked on.

These are not the only affiliate marketing product promotion ways, but they are the most popular and they get results.